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  1. The patient has the right to be provided with the medical services available in NGHA facilities according to procedures.
  2. Patients have the right to respectful care that considers the patient’s spiritual and religious values and beliefs.
  3. Provision of a safe environment in medical facilities to patients and their families in order to assure their safety, as per valid policies and procedures.
  4. Maintaining patients’ confidentiality and privacy by:
    • Refraining from asking them to talk to any individual including visitors except those involved in the provision of healthcare.
    • The patient has the right to refuse to talk or meet anyone who is not officially and directly involved in his healthcare procedures including visitors.
    • Only direct healthcare workers have access to patients’ files and details of their health condition.
    • Medical assessment and examination are to be conducted confidentially in designated areas for these purposes.
    • The patient will be transferred to another room in case of discomfort from other patients/visitors, in accordance with the medical facility procedures and the availability of unoccupied rooms.
  5. The patient will be isolated from other patients for the purpose of protection and personal safety if necessary.
  6. Patients will be introduced to their treating physician and medical staff who provide their healthcare.
  7. Provision of proper means to patients to contact their families. Also providing an interpreter for patients to assist with non-Arabic speaking medical staff.
  8. The patient and his family are entitled to have a complete explanation of the medical procedures required for his treatment including any potential complications, which he might be liable to due to the treatment and in cases where communicating this information to the patient might affect his health, it will be relayed to his family where an informed consent will be obtained.
  9. The patient and his family should be informed about their rights and responsibilities related to refusing or discontinuing treatment. When a patient refuses the care provided or chooses to discontinue treatment he will receive an explanation of the consequences of his refusal and the expected outcomes from his decision.
  10. The patient has the right to seek consultation of any specialist in the nature of his disease at any other medical facility as desired at his own expense.
  11. The patient and his family will receive necessary education and directions for the medications and diets as ordered by healthcare workers in order to benefit from treatment.
  12. In case of the patient’s need to transfer to another facility to complete treatment in accordance to valid procedures of medical facility and eligibility, guidance and direction will be conveyed to the patient and his family.
  13. Patient Relations Department and its representatives at NGHA Medical Facilities act on familiarizing patients and their families with valid rules and regulations and how to submit proposals, opinions, and complaints and how to follow them up.
  14. Submission of complaints or comments by the patient or his family will not interfere with the treatment or care provided by the healthcare workers.